An Inspiring Message On How To Achieve Your Full Potential

7 Good Minutes Daily Self-Improvement Podcast Episode 327

Today's topic is How To Achieve Your Full Potential

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Audio On How To Achieve Your Full Potential Contributed by Our Friends at HESMotivation

In today's audio, we have an inspiring message on how to achieve your full potential.

How To Achieve Your Full Potential: 8 Traits You'll Need

Attaining the ability to freely express our inner power means we have learned how to harness our true energy. This is not the power that comes from a false identity, stress, adrenaline, pride, and ego. Rather, this power arises from being one whose vibrational inner presence, words, conscience, and actions are aligned to the truth that we have unlimited potential. We have released the illusions and limiting beliefs that once blocked our light.

Attaining this level of freedom guarantees peace and clarity in our lives. These are eight characteristics shared by people who express their unlimited potential:

1. They unapologetically express who they are.

An empowered and free being recognizes they are unlimited love, light, and peaceful energy. They care for this power, use it and unapologetically express it to the world.

2. They don’t blame others.

They stopped blaming others for their shortcomings, no longer complain about what’s not currently working and don’t make excuses for why things have not happened in their lives. They are attracted by excellence and put forth the willpower and discipline to manifest their desires.

3. They take full responsibility for their happiness.

They don’t rely on seeking happiness from any source outside of themselves. Happiness is an inside job and a choice they take full responsibility for.

4. They have an attitude of gratitude.

They don’t take anything for granted. They realize their present life is a result of the actions of their past and their present actions dictate future results. They take on an attitude of gratitude at each moment for what they have so they can attract peace in the present moment and abundance in the future.

5. They live outside the comfort zone.

They are relaxed where they are but don’t get too complacent. They are always striving to serve and help more people. They know that life is truly lived out of their comfort zones so they are courageous enough to take the leap of faith to be different and overcome obstacles that may arise. They are always open to discovering new lessons and learning new things.

6. They cultivate a spiritual practice.

They cultivate peacefulness and spiritual strength to rise above beliefs and illusions that limit their potential to grow and shine brightly. They rely on some spiritual wisdom to help raise self-awareness and dissolve self-limiting beliefs.

7. They exude a vibrant energy.

Their energy radiates love, courage, and determination to any person they come in contact with. It is a concentrated energy that governs their mind and emotions. It isn't distracted by the unimportant, it does not lose sight of the important and does not allow itself to be trapped by anything or anybody.

8. They tap into the powers of imagination.

They are aware of the power of the imagination and channel it in a constructive way. They're not afraid to think outside the box, develop something new and live in the grey area.

When we live from the space of having an open mind and heart, we can live out our dreams without any limitation. By releasing our closed mind, we let go of being disturbed by fear, worry, emotional stability and getting easily offended. When we step into our authentic power, we relax because we never lose sight of the true meaning and potential of who we are.

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How To Achieve Your Full Potential And Have Fun Doing It

Do you sometimes feel like you’re wasting your potential? And do you also feel unsure about how you can even reach your full potential?

If so, you’re like any other ambitious person who wants to make the best of his/her life. Because to me, that’s what “reaching your potential” means.

We all have limited time on our hands. Some live longer than others. But you and I both know that it’s not about how long you live, it’s about what you do with the time you’re alive.

It’s about leaving everything on the table and making sure you live up to your inner drive. Look, when I talk about reaching your potential, I’m not talking about what other people or society thinks we should do with our lives.

How to achieve your full potential:  Let excellence be your brand.

When you chase empty goals and objects, you become restless. Instead, chase your own potential and forget about everything external. Become the best person you can be. That’s the only honorable aim there is.

I’ve studied people who committed their lives to chase their full potential. Not only famous people like Muhammad Ali, Helen Keller, Thomas Edison, Malcolm X, or any other person who made an impact on the world.

I’ve also learned many lessons from “normal” people I know personally. People who learn every day, give it their all, keep growing and get closer to their full potential.

What does it take to do that? How can we do it too? I identified 7 skills that almost all of these great people had in common. Here they are.

1. Self-Awareness

You must be comfortable with who you are and what you are. Don’t try to be something you’re not. And don’t try to change yourself just because others tell you to.

Instead, know who you are. And if you don’t know, find out. Read, write, think, talk. That’s self-awareness: It only requires you to be aware of your thoughts.

And when you’re self-aware, you automatically learn more about who you are—which is called self-knowledge. But it all starts with being aware. No awareness? No knowledge.

I’ve made a list of 20 questions you can use to improve your self-awareness. Use it to improve this skill.

2. Leadership

First, focus on yourself. Fix your own problems. Become a stable person who you can rely on.

When you do that, focus on inspiring others to do the same. The best way to help others is to teach them to rely on themselves.

Sick and narcissistic people want to make people dependent on them. Leaders teach others to be independent. How? By setting a good example. There’s no better way to lead.

3. Writing

Better writing leads to better thinking. And better thinking leads to better communication. Better communication leads to better results in your career.

“What?! I never thought writing was that important!” When you get good at one thing, it will help you to get better at other things. You see?

It was only when I started writing that everything “clicked.” When you become a better writer, you can easily express yourself and start making connections. That will improve your career in ways you never imagine.

4. Mindfulness

My definition of mindfulness might be different than yours. To be clear, I’m not talking about meditation, yoga, or Zen Buddhism.

I’m talking about being a calm and mindful person. A person who’s in control of their thoughts and emotions. A person who’s solid as a rock. A person who others can rely on.

But achieving that inner peace requires much training. I don’t think we can ever fully master this skill. But by practicing control over our thoughts, we can get better.

My favorite way to become more mindful is being present. The more I stay in the present moment, the more mindful I am. The aim is never to be lost in thoughts. It’s to be here.

5. Productivity

The funny thing about mindfulness is that people assume living in the present removes your drive to achieve your goals.

The reverse is true. The more present I am, the more desire I feel to improve my life. And how do you improve your life?

You already know it. I don’t have to tell you that work is the only way to achieve things. Thinking about achieving your goals will not do anything real for you.

Become a person who’s productive every day. Make use of your time. Don’t just waste it on watching tv, hanging out with your friends, gaming, or any other mindless routine activity.

Know how to get the most results in the least amount of time. That’s the ultimate aim of productivity skills.

6. Perseverance

Some days, I want to give up. You know why? Because some days you don’t see any results in your life. You work, work, work, and you get nothing in return.

For years, I studied and worked without seeing any results. No recognition, no money, and no rewards. Just me, plowing ahead.

But one day, after years of work, I started seeing some results. I got better at what I did, felt more confident, and started earning more.

But if I didn’t persevere, I wouldn’t get any of those things. That’s why I don’t quit on striving for betterment. And neither should you. Ever.

7. Excellence

I half-assed many things in my life. “Let’s just get it over with,” was my motto. I was so impatient that I hardly did anything well. I just put in the minimum effort. Hence, I was never the best at anything.

But then I realized that excellence is a skill. Look at Robert Greene who took 6 years to write another book. Or Lebron James who worked out during every off-season of his career. Or Helen Keller who published 5 books, despite being deaf and blind.

But this is also true for successes that don’t get attention in the media. Look at the top salesperson in any given organization who arrives early and leaves late every day. Or the mother who sacrifices nights out and dinner parties to raise her kid with all of her attention and love.

That’s called excellence.

No matter what you do. Do it the best way you can or not at all. If you want to reach your full potential, that’s the quickest route. It’s also the hardest. But that shouldn’t be a surprise to you.

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